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The DVAL and DFAL leagues are meeting on a regular basis to combine the two leagues next year. One of the biggest issues is how to divide up the various teams into divisions within the league. 

Options include:

  • Split the league into two divisions based on competitive equity. There can be anywhere from 4-8 teams per division in this scenario and it would result in 2 automatic playoff berths.
  • Split the league into three divisions by competitive equity, playing each team in your division twice and the other 8 teams once. An end of season tournament may be used to determine the automatic qualifier.
  • Keep all teams together, no divisions. (This may work well for sports where not all schools field a team)
  • Split the league into two divisions based on other criteria, such as geography. Use a league playoff to determine the automatic qualifier.

There are many factors to consider and the Principals of the new league are scheduled to decide the fall sport divisions in November.

All DVAL Schools are back in session. League play begins in early September for most sports.

The DVAL All-League teams were selected by the coaches and have been published under their respective sports. Track and Field and Swimming were determined by their order of finish at the league meet and are not selected by the coaches.



Fall 2015

Cross Country


Golf - Girls

Tennis - Girls

Volleyball - Girls

Waterpolo - Boys

Waterpolo - Girls


Winter 2015-16

Basketball - Boys

Basketball - Girls

Soccer - Boys

Soccer - Girls



Spring 2016



Lacrosse - Boys

Lacrosse - Girls



Tennis - Boys

Track and Field

Volleyball - Boys


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